I've put together a list of some of the more frequently asked questions I am getting about this new curriculum. If you have other questions, please send me an email! 

Is the bird unit to last a year or a month? 

This is the first of 10 units for the year. They will be released every month (see the schedule of what units are coming here). Each unit will have 20 lessons and can be done as a 4-day school week (lasting 5 weeks) or a 5-day school week (lasting 4 weeks) to offer flexibility. 

How long will the lessons take? 

It depends on the age of your kids as the notebooks get progressively more detailed. Pre-reader will be about 10 minutes a day, I recommend having them color while they listen to you read. The Early Reader will be about 30-40 minutes, the Early Elementary about an hour, the Upper elementary 1 1/2 hours or so. The Middle School will be 2-2 1/2 hours and the High School could be 2-3 hours depending on the day. The reading can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on if you discuss throughout, look up things, etc. 

Is this Christian or secular? 

The lessons are Christian though we will personally still be adding in More Than Words (my new Bible curriculum through Masterbooks). We are doing this for two reasons: first of all, the Biblical approach in the units is more of a worldview and touch on, not in-depth teaching. We use scripture for copywork to learn spelling and there are Bible connections and sometimes it is touched on through the readings, but it doesn't go into specific teaching. More Than Words Bible curriculum goes into details about who God is, what it means to be a Christian and how to have a relationship with God and walk out your faith. It also includes picture studies which I purposefully left out so that we could save our printers. 

What subjects are covered? 

The pre-reader covers all your subjects (including math) for preschool/early kindergarten. The other units cover: geography, science, social studies, history, spelling, grammar, writing, some reading and comprehension, art, Bible, etc. Lessons vary day to day so there might be other things we add in. You will need to add math for your kids as well as some independent or one-on-one reading time. Phonics and learning how to read is built into the pre-reader but it doesn't not go past about 3 letter words. Once you are at that point you could add a reading program though I have personally found that once my kids knew their letters and sounds... just reading together with them was the best reading program. I will have recommended readers in the teachers guide for each unit. 

Is the geography/socials specific to Canada or the US? 

It is worldwide! This first unit is more based in North America but the other units will be going through continents, learning about the earth, space, the human body, oceans around the world, and we will be doing world history for this year. If you live anywhere other than North America and are concerned about that, this year it won't be a problem other than maybe in this first unit which applies to both Canada and the US. Next year I may go into more specific US history but have Canadian socials add ons coming this year as well for my fellow Canadians. 

Do you take PO numbers here in Alberta or BC? 

We currently accept PO's from HCOS, Ascend and TLA. If your school is not one of these, send me your school name and email and I'll contact them and let you know. Please put your school name and PO# in the subject line (not your actual PO number, just that exact word) so I can search it and find your email to let you know if I am able to accept it or not. 

What's the difference between print and digital? 

Digital you have a family license to use within your own immediate family as much as you want, print you would need to order more student notebooks if you wanted to add to it later. If you choose to go with print you will need a teacher's guide and notebook for each child each month. If you choose to go digital you will have access to all the student notebook levels and the teacher's guide for much cheaper, Learn more about the differences here.

August 06, 2019 — Rebecca Spooner
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