The Schedule

Curious what units will be covered this year? I'm so excited to release the schedule of release for Gather 'Round Homeschool for 2019/2020. 

The Unit Release Schedule

The topics will be released at the end of these months:

August: North American Birds
September: Connecting continents (Asia)

Side note, we are alternating science themes with socials/history themes to give a really balanced 1 year program. The connecting continents series will give an overview of world history by continent, it will also do social studies/government, culture, animals of the region, geography, etc.

October: Space
November: Connecting Continents (Europe)
December: Oceans
January: Connecting Continents (Africa)
February: Earth Science (we'll do weather, layers of the earth, etc)
March: Connecting Continents (North America)
April: Human Body
May: Connecting Continents (South America)

Summer hopes and dreams:
June: Math Mastery (Addition and Subtraction units)
July: Math Mastery (Multiplication and Division units)
(these can be added on to the unit studies and be your math. They will be levelled)

Then a new year! Maybe a bit more themed that next year. Plants, trees, maybe one on the underground railroad, we'll see.

We'll also be doing Canadian social studies add ons throughout the year, first one this fall. PLUS there will be hand-drawn planners released throughout the year, ones for students as well as for homeschool moms! These will be available in PDF or print! 

I would love your help getting the word out! Use #gatherroundhomeschool or tag me @homeschoolon and I might re-share your post! 

August 06, 2019 — Rebecca Spooner
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