Details for our One Day Sale!

All the details regarding the one day sale.   Also see this link for coupon codes and details. 

Oneday (10% off everything in our store except for print and digital bundles and lifer)     lastchance  (good for our year digital bundle). Summary: cannot combine discount codes, must use separate orders if you want to use multiple discounts.  Shipping from sale orders will be delayed for weeks. Be prepared for long shipping times. DON’T Panic!! Send us an email if you have any questions. 

18:00- Duty/Customs charges. Breaks down what this is, etc. VERY rare. Plans on changing to UPS to help with this.

23:00-  Update on sales guide. It is coming. Back to school sale and membership details will not be included in that. 

24:00-  New releases-what is and is not included in lifer. Mentions our new MP3 for US History.

27:00- Shows a preview of FF and other information related to the unit. 

34:00- Year 3 will include a magazine with stories from YOUR kids.  Also mentions giveaway for this live. 

36:00 Q and A 

  • Units can be done in any order
  • Christmas and Easter will not be available until July unless you purchase lifer
  • Minecraft server *may* be coming! 
  • Update on US History units
  • Should you order now, or later, we are still working out details (46:30)
  • Talks about homesteading and other details regarding year 3 units. 
  • Breaks down plan for minecraft server  (54:00)
  • Merch will also be 10% off
  • MUST use coupon codes during sale. You cannot add it later or email us and ask to use it later. 
  • Breaks down lifer (57:00)

Summary, Charlotte Mason conference, and our online convention