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Unit Resources: Farming and Food

Lesson 1

Modern co-operative farming:

Where does Our Food Come From?:

Lesson 2

Wheat, from farm to table:


Lesson 3

Citizen Kid, Dairy farm (younger students):

Virtual Dairy Farm Tour:

Pasteurization: (ER-UE)


Lesson 4

Floret flower farm:

Floret American Made Winner:


Lesson 5

Cage Free, Free Range and USDA Organic Eggs:

Spooner Farm Chick Hatching video: (ER-UE)


Lesson 6

How to Harvest Honey:

How Do Bees Make Honey?: 


Lesson 7

Ocean fish farming:


Lesson 8

The Ranch Life:

Rodeo Kid: (ER-UE)

Doctoring Wheat Pasture Cattle: (MS-HS)



Lesson 9

Sheep Shearing (younger students)

Neer Sheep Farm:

Insulation Materials Investigation: (ER-MS)

Lesson 10

Teen Pig Farmer:

How Does the Sense of Smell Work? (ER-UE)

Lesson 11

Soledad Goat Farm:

Goat Milk Soap with Honey: (ER-MS)

Shoelace Escape Trick:  (ER-EE) 

Infinite Loops/Handcuffs: (UE-MS)

Lesson 12

Apples: From Farm to Table:

Apple Oxidation: 

Lesson 13

Olive Oil: How is it made?:

How grapes are turned into raisins:

Lesson 14

Organic Mushroom Farm in Canada:

Bacteria on Bread Testing: (ER-UR)

Soap and Water or Hand Sanitizer? (MS-HS)



Lesson 15 

Coffee Process from Tree to Cup!:



Lesson 16

Serious Science: Soybean Farming:

How Skippy Peanut butter is Made: 


Lesson 17

Sugarcane: From Paddock to Plate:

Sugar Beets: How to Make Everything:

Lesson 18

Potatoes: How do they grow?:

Vegetable Crop Farming:

Bean Seed Baggies: (ER-UE)


Lesson 19

How to make corn tortillas: 

Farms Around the World Read-Aloud:

Lesson 20

Thank You Farmers!: