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Ready to Read

Ready to Read

Expansion Pack


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Book 1: Burrows and Holes
9 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print 

Book 2: At the Pond
9 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print 

Book 3: Ice and Snow
9 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print 

Book 4: On the Savanna
9 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print 

Ready to Read is a full kindergarten-grade 1 program that includes all of your subjects blended with a full phonics program that is strategically skill based rather than age. With the unique design of this program, you can place your child exactly where they need the help in their journey to reading fluency, regardless of their age! 

With short, daily lessons in the Teacher's Guide and daily worksheets in the student book, this 9 week bundle is 1 of 4 to come in our full year Ready to Read program! 

Books 1 and 2:

Students are focusing on three-letter words and more simple letter blends to make reading more fluent and focusing on speed and mastery. These are called CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) and would be appropriate for around kindergarten to Grade 1, depending on the child and their development. Book 2 will begin to bridge into the next level or reading.

Math begins to teach the concepts of place value, money, time, etc. This is designed to be a big picture conceptual introduction, book 3 and 4 will continue to develop these skills and understanding.

Book 3:

Students are focusing on four-six letter words and phonics rules such as: silent e, y word endings that make the I and E long sound, -ay says A long sound, etc. It also focuses on more than and less than, money, time, days of the week, place value, sequencing, and more! This would be appropriate for advanced Kindergarten or Grade 1, depending on the child's development and the goals of the family. 

Book 4:

Students are focusing on four-letter words, compound words, and how vowels can combine to make diagraphs (new sounds). These are called CVVC words (consonant, vowel, vowel, consonant, such as bear) and would be appropriate for advanced Kindergarten or Grade 1, depending on the child's development and the goals of the family.

Expansion Pack

Check out our full printed expansion pack which includes, a clock, a calendar, the place value shapes, Spooner Bucks (our own made-up currency to teach the concept of money with a global mindset) and more all in full stunning color. Available print only here

Practice Packs

Check out our card stock practice pack. These are large flashcards with a focus on phonics, handwriting, and spelling. They use the same words that are taught in the student book to reinforce phonics rules that are taught. They have a place to trace it, write it, and read and use it in a sentence. We recommend hole punching the upper left and putting them on a ring. These are tons of fun, in full color, and available in print only. 

Mini Books

Every week we put together a mini book to go along with the words your child has been learning. These are included as cut outs in your Ice and Snow student workbook. However, due to popular request, we now also offer them in full color, fully assembled. We print them, cut them, staple them, and shrink wrap them so they are ready to go with your unit! Just open and read! Available in print only.

Watercolor Chapter Book for Book 4

For the first time, we do not have mini books but rather a printed, bound, full watercolor chapter book! This beautiful book is ready to go as a special add on to your printed order. Available in print only, it will help students work on the words they are using in their student workbooks. Please note, these same books are already in your workbooks, they are just in black and white and not assembled. Available only in print.

Math Practice Book for Book 4

For the first time ever, we are trying an additional math practice book to go along with our final set in our Ready to Read series. This optional math practice book has one additional math practice page per day for students who need a bit more reinforcement of the concepts being taught. It is printed on single sided sheets of paper so they can easily be ripped out and assigned or added to whatever you are doing. Available in print or digital. 

How to place my kids: 

  • If you point to any letter of the alphabet in any order, can your child name the letter without hesitation?
  • If you repeat the same exercise, can they say the primary sound of each letter (at least 80% of the time without hesitation)?
  • If you point to any number from 1-10 can your child name it and do they know what that represents?
  • Can your child count from 1-20?

YES! If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then your child is ready for Burrows and Holes, the first book in our Ready to Read series!

NO: If you answered no to some of these, you'll want to start somewhere in our Letters and Numbers series.

This sounds too easy: If your child is already reading three letter words, we recommend waiting and starting with book 2 or 3 of Ready to Read, which will be more advanced reading and help transition from early reading to grade 1 level reading so they are ready for early reader in our full units.

What about our Pre-Reader in the units? 

Our Pre-Reader has now become more of an activity pack to go along with the lessons. If you were doing a full unit, you would simply add those two pages along to your student notebook and do it together to tie the lessons into the unit you are learning about as a family! Easy!