Sale Q and A

0- introduction, what we will be talking about

5:00- July 5th-9th is sale, will not be extended, breaks down the sale, lifer, and membership.  Will be 8am PST on July 5th through 11:59 pm PST on July 9th. Chance we will be severely backlogged. Prepare for this ahead of time. To help with this, customers can put their top two units in the notes. If this does happen, you may get those books first, and the rest of your shipment later. 

11:00- Talks about the sale, we are your shopping guide! Here to help. Breaks down what Gather ‘Round is. Talks about membership, lifer, and much more. 

26:30- Talks shipping on membership and year 3. Price on the graphic does not include shipping.

  •  Fledgling 5 (1 or 2 students) $90 (goes up $5 per each additional student)
  • Membership for 10 or pre order for year 3: (1 or 2 students $175, 3-$190, 4-$200)

30:00- Talks about seatwork journals, what are they? What will they include? And other questions.

38:00- Benefits of membership

39:30- US History 3 will be available for Pre-Order during the sale. Will be out at some point in the summer. If you add it to your order, your whole order will be held until it is released. 

41:30- TRELLO

49:30- Answering questions and answers