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Unit Resources: Creepy Crawlies

Documentaries to go along with creepy crawlies: 

Lesson 1: Insects and Arachnids

Lesson 2: Flight of a Bumble Bee

Lesson 3: Flight of the Butterflies Documentary

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Lesson 4: Code of the Treehopper 

Lesson 5: Mason Bee 

Lesson 6: Aphids

Lesson 7: Dung Beetle 

Lesson 8: Centipede

Lesson 9: Housefly perception


Lesson 10: How Spiders Make Webs


Lesson 11: Weevil


Lesson 12: Flea Jumps


Lesson 13: Lightning Bugs 


Lesson 13 - Science: How Temperature Affects Glowsticks

Lesson 14: Giant water bug bite

Lesson 15: Banana slug



Lesson 16: Bullet Ant


Lesson 17:  Worm farm


Lesson 17: Carpenter Ants in Action


Lesson 18: Scorpion

Lesson 19: African Trapdoor Spider


Lesson 20: What if Insects Disappeared?

NOTE: Recommended for middle school and up, shows someone eating a bug, an animal decomposing, etc.