FULL WEEK of Earth Science Now Available!

Here it is! I decided instead of a number of single day samples I wanted to offer more. So I have put together 2 free samples that will give you a whole week of school! For those of you who are totally new to this, here is Gather 'Round in just a few words: 

One topic, all grades, all subjects, one lesson per day, then assign your kids their notebooks! 

That's it! There are about 5 pages per day per child, it takes a few hours in the morning, just add math! It is open and go, there is a reading list but it is TOTALLY optional! There aren't really any other supplies needed! This is the easiest way to ease your way into homeschooling and see just how relaxing and enjoyable it can be! Try it out for a week (or 2 weeks if you do the free week of Africa!). We release a new unit each month and have plans for at least 4 years of this.