Europe Recipe Book (HARD COPY)


This month with actual pictures of nearly EVERY recipe in the book so you can choose based on what looks delicious (spoiler alert, they all look delicious!). 

The recipe pack includes 20 different recipes (1 for every lesson) to help you taste your way through Europe! 29 pages of incredible meals to try as a family! 

There is a weekly shopping list that is organized for you to make prep easy and fun! Recipes were chosen based on ingredients that could be found and easy-to-understand instructions. You can do a recipe a day OR a feast each week and use it as your sharing time/discussion time on what you learned that week or what your kids wrote. If you really want to run with it, choose a cultural movie each week, eat your feast, and have a family movie night to really immerse yourself in the culture! 

This listing is for the print version of the recipe book, which comes tied with twine and unbound so that you can assemble into a binder, page protector, or however you would like.

Plus, get it FREE when you purchase all 6 student notebooks and the teachers guide in print as a special offer for this month! (we'll include it with your order, nothing you need to do)