(DIGITAL) Christmas Bundle


The Christmas Unit is a mini unit that is an add on to our regular schedule for our school year. This unit is about half the size of our other ones and has 12 lessons. It is designed to be done 4 days a week for the three weeks leading up to Christmas OR do it the 12 days before Christmas as an advent activity! 

It comes with a beautiful list of picture books (one idea is to get them at the library, or click on the links to view on Amazon and wrap them each day to open and read together), 3 delicious baking recipes, movie discussion questions, songs with music, words AND chords, and more! 

Each week you will be working on a gift to Jesus, doing random acts of kindness, writing cards, and spending time together as a family making memories and remembering what Christmas is truly all about. 

This unit does not get into Santa Claus at all, and instead is focused entirely on Jesus allowing you to make of it what you will. 

If you are worried about printing or want it delivered to you in high quality, we do have print options available as well! Check those out here!

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