Oceans 1 Student (DIGITAL) Bundle


Just need 1 student notebook and looking for a cheaper option? Snag the 2 product digital bundle at a fraction of the price! 

This is a 1 month unit: Oceans

With this order you will receive: 

The DIGITAL (PDF) Teachers Guide for Oceans
The DIGITAL (PDF) Student notebook level of your choice. 

I highly recommend you download the samples for previous units to make sure you purchase the correct level for your child as due to the nature of the download, I am unable to refund/exchange your student notebook as your notebook will have already been delivered. 

Scroll through the images for the complete book and supply list, table of contents, and a look through each book in order (Teachers guide first then in order) including the scope and sequence for each book. There are 73 photos to give you a really good indication of what the different levels look like!