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US Government Digital

Like all our mini-units (other than holidays), this unit is 20 lessons long like our full units. It also comes with a Teacher's Guide and 6 student notebooks. However, instead of 5-6 pages per day in the student books, there are two. And instead of 6-8 pages in the Teacher's Guide, there are 3-4. It is designed to be done in about 20 minutes a day and to add on to one of your other main units or whatever else you are doing. it does NOT cover all your subjects instead it is a themed unit designed to be added on. 

This unit, students are learning about the history of how the United States government came to be, how it works, and even making up their own country and governing system. Older students are learning how to debate, create their own constitution, and so much more! Weekly narration for those of you who need to test or to use as review, weekly vocabulary words, daily notebooking pages, a daily prayer to start each day... this unit isn't just beautiful, it is a little treasure!