How long does a unit take?

Each of our topical units are 20 lessons long and can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your family and the ages you are working with. Simply read from the Teacher’s Guide for about 20 minutes and then have your students work in their notebooks which have about 5 pages per day.  

Is math covered?

Math is covered in our Letters and Numbers and Ready to Read Programs which range from about 3 years old to a grade 1 level. In our topical units however, math is not covered (for now). It is something that is being considered for the future but no firm plans have been made. 

How does this truly cover all your subjects?

Subjects are incorporated in a “discovery-based” method. This means that as the topics are researched, the writing team looks for connections to both other subjects and also to connect to the student’s life. In this way, the approach isn’t just designed to teach… it is designed to stick.   

Do I have to go in order?

Absolutely not! The most exciting way (and fastest way) to get your kids on board is to let them browse the site and pictures and see what interests them! From our pre-reader activity pack to our high school notebook, there is something for literally everyone (we even have some Gather ‘Round parents that get the high school notebook for themselves to join the fun!). 

What is the approach to grammar/spelling?

Grammar is taught in a cyclical manner throughout the units. This means that even if you start with one unit and jump to a different one out of sequence, common grammatical concepts are going to be brought up over and over again to make sure they are mastered but also reviewed. The grammar pages are light grammar exercises. Our spelling focus was to use copywork as the primary tool for growing in this area however, for year 2 we also added optional spelling focus and a list (with tons of recommended out-of-the-box ideas) to give parents the option of honing in a little deeper. This approach allows the parent to be flexible to give their children extra practice and attention where needed or to just let spelling naturally develop as our budding writers develop their communication skills.

How do I know it's enough?

In the end, I’ve learned that no one can tell you that answer because “enough” is not a concrete measurement. Every person, every goal, every personality, every state requirement, even every set of expectations impacts what this answer might be. I can tell you that it can take some getting used to, but the idea is a Charlotte Mason principle of less is more. Giving your children a “feast of education”, drawing them in, making connections, making it come to life attaching meaning, and then watching where they take it! Gather ‘Round brings ownership to our children, it helps them to own the learning process and experience the joy of discovering a new connection. It brings relationship and connection as a family. It keeps God at the center of everything we do. The value of Gather ‘Round is not in the “rigorous” stuffing of information as much as learning to trust the process and actually enjoy the journey. Your kids will amaze you in what they retain when they are actually interested and the lesson means something to them. And the only way to truly see how it works is to try out our free samples with your kids and see it in action. 

Are there required books/resources?

No! A booklist was included as per popular request however it is just for ideas. Many of our Gather ‘Round family simply uses the books they have on their shelves. Everything you need for Gather ‘Round is included other than perhaps some basic school supplies and the internet or some basic research tools. 

What is the lifer package I keep hearing about?

Lifer doesn’t mean you pay once and get everything for life, it is a once a year purchase that gives you all the “extras” that go along with our main units. It includes all the digital cursive writing notebooks and recipe books for each unit, all the mini units, and an exclusive “welcome package” that is worth over $50. It also includes a quarterly webinar with Rebecca to share your ideas and see all the new things that are coming. These welcome packages are sent only a few times each year so order now to get on the next mailing list! 

Gather 'Round Homeschool is something completely new! Every single month a new unit comes out that covers all your grades and all your subjects but math. We plan on releasing 4 years so that you can cycle it through at older levels! Stick around and learn a bit more or join our Facebook community or our free app (available on android or apple devices as Gather 'Round Homeschool)!

Rebecca Spooner

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