2022 Tour

Did you hear? Rebecca's family is going on tour this year! They are leaving end of January and hoping to be traveling in an RV for up to 6 months! They are looking for their new Gather 'Round US Headquarters and on a complete faith walk. They aren't sure where exactly they will be going yet, but they are starting in Texas and hoping to go east to TN and down to VA, NC, SC, etc. They may come back home via the west coast.

Rebecca will also be speaking (and yes, have booths) at the following conventions:

1. TTD    Round Rock, TX    March 31-April 2      You can register HERE! (Referral Link)

2. Called to Teach    Dallas Fort Worth, TX    April 21-23

3. TTD    Pigeon Forge, TN    May 5-7       You can register HERE! (Referral Link)

4. Wild + Free Conference    Dallas, TX    May 20-21 (Vendor Only, Rebecca is not speaking)

5. THRIVE NCHE    North Carolina    May 26-28

If you want to put your name on the map to invite Rebecca to speak or park in your driveway (it's a 42' motorhome, so that may or may not be possible) or just say hi, fill out the request form HERE.