Groups, Co-ops, + Charters

If you are using Gather ‘Round in co-op, group, hybrid school, or private school setting, this page will tell you more about how to become properly licensed to teach from a Gather ‘Round Teacher’s Guide to a group by requesting a Group-use Agreement and a School Edition Teacher’s Guide for your unit. There are also bulk order discounts that apply to orders of 15 or more student books of any unit that may apply to your order when you register as a school or group with Gather ‘Round. Our Group Order Department is looking forward to meeting with you to find out about your curriculum needs and discuss how Gather ‘Round can help. You can reach the Gather ‘Round Group Orders department by emailing if you have questions or are wondering if your co-op is registered with us. If you are a co-op representative requiring a consultation, please use the second form, 'Request an Order,' so we can collect the information we need ahead of scheduling a phone consultation. We look forward to speaking with you soon!