School PO Orders

Are you a private School needing Group-use materials? Visit the Co-op/Groups section of our website.

Are you an umbrella school that wants to pay for orders on behalf of your homeschool families? Email us at to apply for a school/Vendor agreement with Gather 'Round. 

Placing an Umbrella School Initiated Order with Gather 'Round:

If you are a staff member or Lamoni School District or Wise Academy USA, please place an order for your family here.

Ordering During a Sale:

If you want to order for your homeschool families during a website sale or promotion, please make sure you put your order in on the web-form during office hours, while the sale is active on the website. We will process sale prices based on the date and time stamp of when your order is received and we allow time for you to complete payment following the sale.




All Umbrella School Initiated orders:

  • Must be approved by the staff member requesting the order
  • Are subject to a minimum order requirement $95 US (approx. the cost of 2 digital Family Bundles) before shipping and taxes
  • Are subject to to Gather 'Round's Digital license agreement. Digital files are licensed for single-family use only and must be set up to send directly to homeschool families. They cannot be photocopied, used in a co-op setting, or shared with a school or forwarded through email
  • Are processed in the order received along with all other Gather ‘Round Homeschool orders and may be subject to wait times. 
  • Can only be used to purchase educational materials (No merch orders)

If you are enrolled with: Lamoni School District or Wise Academy USA, your school will place your Gather 'Round order on your behalf. Please order through your school's purchasing department. 


This form is easiest to use on a computer. Trouble? Email us at

Submit Your School PO Order Request HERE