Information for Schools

If you are a school considering using Gather 'Round for your students (either in a distance learning situation, charter school, hybrid school, or Christian school), you are in the right place! (If you are a family enrolled or registered with a school, click here. If you are looking for information to start your own Co-op with other families, click here.)

School Ordering

We are excitedly looking forward to how we can partner with schools to make Gather 'Round work in group environments. We have a number of schools who are paving the way to test this out in a classroom setting and will be working on coming up with school edition books in the coming year that are more custom-tailored to these situations. 

School orders must be appropriately licensed, and of course there are many different situations and ways that the books will be used including: 

  • Sharing with families who are registered or enrolled with your school
  • Casting to a TV so a class can see 
  • Reusing the books year after year with other classes

We do work with each of these scenarios starting with a custom-tailored solution built for your unique needs. Because each situation is diverse, please fill in the form below to find out how we can work with you to bring Gather 'Round to your students and hopefully cut a lot of planning time for your teachers!