I can’t believe how much this has grown–and how quickly! Gather ‘Round is all for God’s glory because it started with a question, a sense of dissatisfaction, and turned into a team of 13+ people! Total honesty moment, sometimes I am incredibly thankful, but often I am slightly terrified by the scope of this project. I heard once a saying, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Well, it turns out God dreams are so big I am just kind of along for the ride of the impossible becoming possible. Watching Him come through time and time again, sending just the right people at just the right time. He is so good, and I am so excited that I get to pass on the blessing of this business to other homeschool families. 

Opportunity, there is ALWAYS opportunity at Gather ‘Round. Sometimes I have a specific position I am looking for, other times we just collect emails and randomly hire months later. Below you will see a list of open positions we are currently looking for, what they look like, and how to apply. If there is not a position that seems like a good fit, scroll on down to the Still Looking section to see what other options there are! 

Now Hiring!

Volunteer Moderators: We are currently looking for a team of moderators (4-5) that can help in the Facebook group with managing comments, approving posts, and helping us create the culture we are going for: of positivity and encouragement. As this is volunteer, there is no requirement for hours. If you are interested, please fill in the form below. 

Designers who know InDesign: At Gather ‘Round, we have a team of designers that work on units. Depending on the scope of the project (a full unit or a mini unit) these are huge projects with tight deadlines. You must have adobe creative cloud in order to apply and should be very familiar with In Design (and some light familiarity with Illustrator and Photoshop).We are looking to bring on at least 2 more designers.  

Position 1: Looking for a designer to work part time (3 hours/5 days a week) on mini units. 

Position 2: Looking for a designer to take on our preschool and kindergarten books.  

How to apply: send an email to rebecca@gatherroundhomeschool.com with designer application in the subject line. Let me know your experience and rates and please read my statement of faith and let me know if you agree or not. You will be asked to design a sample lesson to figure out if you can keep up with the tight deadlines as well as if you can catch the direction of Gather ‘Round. Ideally we are looking for a homeschool parent who uses Gather ‘Round and is familiar with our style/flair and feels you can match that.  

Illustrator: We are looking for to hire one or two more illustrators who really grasp the look and feel of Gather ‘Round. We work heavily with watercolors and stay away from images that look super digital. 

How to apply: Email Rebecca@gatherroundhomeschool.com with illustrator application in the subject line and please read my statement of faith and let me know if you agree or not. If your work fits into my vision, I will ask you to create something specific to make sure we’re on the same page and you get what I’m after. 

Writer: We are always looking for writers. For this, we do require being a homeschool parent who uses and loves Gather ‘Round, a Christian that agrees to my statement of faith, and someone who is passionate about the topic. Degrees are interesting, but not required or anything I base decisions on. Being an eloquent writer is not required, I am not looking for fancy words that make you sound like an expert, I am looking for you to take concepts and make them come to life in a simple explanation with a very conversational writers voice. Honestly, sometimes the best writers are the hardest to understand and not the best fit for this project. 

If you have something you are passionate about, I pay a flat rate per unit, we have mini units and main units available. You can submit a unit application at any time. 

Writer Application

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    Email completed application to rebecca@gatherroundhomeschool.com with “Writer application” in the subject line and application attached. 



    Still Looking?

    If you don’t feel those positions are right for you, these are our other current roles. I invite you to look through them, these positions are filled but as we grow this is a common scenario: 

    1. Mom applies for position. 
    2. We put application into a folder of potentials and mom doesn’t hear back from us for 3 months. 
    3. A need comes up, I go to the folder and email person “can you start today?”

    No joke, it has happened that way 😉 

    So feel free to apply, and don’t be offended if we don’t respond, trust that if it supposed to happen, God will open that door (because I go to Him with all that stuff). If you do feel led to apply, simple write an email to rebecca@gatherroundhomeschool.com. Read my statement of faith and say whether you agree or not and put the position you are applying for in the subject line.

    Customer Service: Right now we have 2 customer service staff. This role can be anything from VA services, planning conventions, convention tours, dealing with orders and returns, social media marketing, ghost writing articles, responding to emails/messages, managing teams or groups, etc. 

    POTENTIALLY a marketing team: This is something I am brainstorming. I have decided I will not be doing affiliate marketing or referrals because I feel like we lose some genuineness in doing that. However, I am debating having a marketing team that is trained in responses and the philosophy of Gather Round. For this I would need eventually a die-hard follower to manage the team and do the training, and then we could have people all over the world that go to conventions and set up tables with their own product and get free curriculum in exchange for selling for us. Again, this is a thought, not a guarantee, but I’ll put it on here as potential. You would have to agree with the statement of faith for this as well and ideally have all the units so that you can show them. This would be something we would plan on training in the fall and setting you up with shows near you in the spring. I think it could be a lot of fun. 

    POTENTIALLY co-op managers/phone support: Again, as we grow, these are areas I see us needing to fill. One would be maybe an hour or two a day calling people and helping them choose levels for their kids. There would be training, you would need a quiet place, and it would be an hourly position OR in exchange for curriculum. Second would be a co-op manager that would help us tweak the units for co-op settings, maybe have a printable lesson planner for how you would do it in a co-op setting, and then parent hand outs for what parents and families would do at home during the week. Some discussion questions, etc. for co-op again, and helping to work out licensing and terms and explaining that. Just being our go-to person for co-ops. I’d love to get Gather ‘Round groups and co-ops happening all over the place. 

    Also, convention planners. I’m super curious to see how our Gather ‘Round convention goes, but I could see this growing as well. 

    LOCAL help: If you live near me and are reading this, I can always use help floating in this life of mine where I often feel I am sinking. I am looking for a housecleaner, and would you believe that after years the doors keep slamming in my face? Even someone who could run errands for me, take kids to stuff, pick up frozen meals, or go grocery shopping. If you live local and are looking to help, this would be a current position, just throwing it out there.