Ceramic Mug



This ceramic mug is 14oz and comes in two different colors. It comes with a flared lip and a contrasting brown dipped bottom (not cork you guys). All of our merchandise recommends hand washing to preserve the imprint, however… if you’re like me and don’t follow the rules (calling all non laundry-sorters) you can take your chances with the dishwasher. In this house, I choose kids doing the dishes over protecting the dishes. #priorities

There isn’t much to say, it’s a simple mug, affordable, pretty, and a pretty traditional size. More tall than wide, it holds heat about the same as any other mug this size.

The outside of the mug (facing out if you are right handed) says Gathered in His name and the inside has our hashtag #gatherroundfamily. Perfect for that picture you’re going to take to share on Instagram, am I right?

Weight 0.4 kg

Charcoal, Cream


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