Letters and Numbers Book 1 Bundle (DIGITAL)


Our BRAND NEW Preschool program is launching with our first of four books! We’re so excited to deliver targeted learning for your little ones!   

The details:

This purchase will provide you with:

  1. Letters and Numbers Book 1
  2. Teacher’s Guide 1

Theme: In the Forest

Number of weeks included: 13 weeks (over 3 months of content)

Number of pages: Over 200 for student book & around 100 for teacher’s guide.

This program will include math, science, social studies, character building, narration, discussion, short bits of teaching, phonics, language arts, everything you need all in one. Every day should take about 10-20 minutes, making it easy to add on to whatever else you want to do or fit in between working with older students. Open and go, beautiful, and rich… this program is one of a kind. 

Letters and Numbers Round 1 (recommended for 3-4 year olds or kids who need more practice):
Book 1 (13 weeks long): A-M and 1-6 (pre-writing concepts, fine motor skills, letters and sounds, numbers and meaning)

Looking ahead…

We will be releasing an exclusive extension pack including STUNNING art of all our numbers and letters, counting objects, flashcards, posters, and stickers created with our new cutting machines. and more only available in print! 

Book 2 (13 weeks long): N-Z and 7-10 (pre-writing concepts, fine motor skills, letters and sounds, number recognition and meaning)

Letters and Numbers Round 2:
Book 3 (13 weeks long): A-M and 1-10 (handwriting, phonics, mastering letters and sounds, early reading)
Book 4 (13 weeks long): N-Z and 1-10 (handwriting, phonics, mastering letters and sounds, early reading)

The idea is that one pass isn’t enough for most kids, one letter a week isn’t really enough for mastery so we want to take our time with this and cement the basics.

Our Letters and Numbers books will each have their own habitat theme, starting with “In the Forest” and more themes will be introduced as we go.

Your child may only need the second two books and it can then be an accelerated 26 week program. OR they might need longer if they are younger.


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