Oceania 1 Student Bundle (DIGITAL)


This listing is for the digital PDF single student bundle of Connecting Continents: Oceania. It includes the digital PDF (downloadable) version of the Teacher’s Guide, Teacher’s Companion, and one student notebook level of your choice. Please see the companion for the answer key, planning pages, scope and sequence, as well as the book list. Please note due to the digital nature of this product, this purchase is non-refundable. Also, if you are unsure of where to place your child, try one of our free samples to make sure you get the appropriate level or purchase the full family bundle to have access to all the levels.


Oceania is the final unit in our continental unit series. This unit covers the continent of Australia as well as the surrounding region. Students will be diving into the culture, animals, features, climate, geography, landmarks, and history of some of the unique and incredibly beautiful areas in this region of the world! This unit has a heavy focus on Art, Bible, and Geography and students will be working on writing their own fable as part of their writing project.

This listing is for the digital, PDF version of the Oceania unit. It is the single student bundle, which includes everything you need for one student in downloadable format. Please note if you have more than one child using Gather ‘Round units, it is more economical to purchase the full family bundle and get access to all the levels to use over and over again for years to come/adapt the levels as suits your child. The single student bundle comes with:
-Digital Teacher’s Guide
-Digital Teacher’s Companion (which includes the answer key, book list, scope and sequence, as well as planning pages)
-One digital student notebook level of your choice.

You will need to download and print off the files that you need for your family and our digital files are only licensed for immediate family use.

Each of our full units include 20 lessons, designed to be done over one month (though many families choose to take longer). The student notebooks have 5 pages to complete from Early Reader to High School and 2 pages in the Pre-Reader activity pack so simply choose the level you would like to download. A lesson takes about 15-30 minutes to do depending on if you take the time to look up videos and pictures as you go or if you just read through. There is no right nor wrong way to do it, there are no extra materials required. Simply open up your Teacher’s Guide and you are good to go!

PLEASE NOTE: The only thing that is required for the younger levels is a straw and some paint for an art project towards the end of the book. You may want to have those on hand or simply choose another project. The project is to create your own coral painting, so build it with clay instead or get creative with it and make a diorama! There are TONS of hands on activity suggestions in the Teacher’s Companion so don’t miss the tidbits of treasure nestled over there!

Digital files are delivered immediately and therefore are not eligible for return and are final sale once they have been purchased. See complete refund policy here.

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