Oceans Original Pre-Reader [Digital]

$19.95 $10.00

Loved the original pre-reader? It is now discontinued however we are offering it today only for those of you who expressed disappointment. We have the originals available individually by unit or as the full bundle of ten. You can also get it in digital and print at a crazy discounted price nearly at cost!

Gather ‘Round was officially born about 1 year ago. When we first started, our original pre reader was designed to be a full preschool and kindergarten activity pack to go along with our units. However, most families preferred to have pages that went along with the units more, moved less quickly and had more time for mastery, as well as to be able to use the units in any order they chose. Because of this, we switched gears and created our pre-reader activity pack (which still goes alongside each of our units and now ties in more with the lessons) and a separate, more carefully thought out preschool and learn to read program (you can learn more by searching Letters and Numbers or Ready to Read).

For today only, we have having a discontinued sale on our original pre-reader program for those people who wanted to snatch them up before they are gone. To be perfectly clear, pre-reader is still included in our full digital units, and our new programs are far superior to these original trials we did. You can learn more in our Facebook Community if you have questions!

This is the digital (PDF) version of our Oceans unit original pre reader. We also have our pre-reader packs available in print if you prefer to order print, or you can purchase the full year bundle.


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