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This listing is for the pre-order of the one student digital bundle of Connecting Continents: South America unit

Choose the level that will best suit your child by browsing our Africa and Earth Science samples to ensure correct placement.

Order will include:

  • One digital student notebook
  • One teacher’s guide

New this unit: 
This unit has some unique features we want to draw your attention to. First of all, there are only 12 countries in South America, so rather than doing a country a day, we spend 2 lessons on each country allowing us to go a bit deeper. We focus on an animal every single day in the student notebooks as well as Spanish in our note booking this month. Students will be learning some common phrases, nouns, and greetings (middle and high schoolers go more in depth learning about articles, masculine and feminine, conjugating verbs, etc.). What is really unique about this unit is that because it is our last one of the year, we take our approach to writing a bit slower with a bit more hand holding.

This month, students will be working on learning what it means to be a reporter. They will learn about asking good questions, how to assemble their article, how to write a good heading, identifying biases, finding reliable sources, and finally how to edit and assemble a newspaper. Unlike our other units, we pulled out our grammar in this unit as well as some of our history pages and instead did writing every single day. Younger students rather than writing their whole piece in a day, are writing a sentence, 2 sentences, or three sentences a day to break up their writing into manageable chunks. Early Readers are cutting their sentences out to assemble their paragraph, reinforcing over and over again the parts of a paragraph.

Our Teacher’s Guide is FULL of custom illustrations and beautiful art, including a day in the life feature showcasing some stories from children in various cities in South America to draw our younger students in and attach meaning.

This unit is our final unit for year 1 and we are eagerly looking forward to year 2 with many more exciting things on the horizon.

Don’t forget our accompanying cursive notebook and recipe book!

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