Tall Teal Ceramic Mug


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I have been swooning about these mugs all day and couldn’t wait to get them up on the site, so here they are. These mugs are extra tall, with the same speckled flair we’ve come to love, but not as wide (which means the heat stays in longer). They have Gathered in His name on the outside (with our logo, boom) and our hashtag on the inside.

16 oz. which means homeschool parent size guys! And this color! I feel like it color coordinates with oceans, or North American Birds, or maybe even North America. Wait, do we need unit themed mugs? #brainstorm.

Ok, enough talk, ceramic mug, as with any of our merch hand wash it if you want to follow the rules. Or be a rule breaker like me (Rebecca), let your kids throw it in the dishwasher because you choose clean and someone else washing it over pretty, and ask Jesus to keep that imprint bright 😉

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