US Government Spanish Teacher’s Guide (HARD COPY)


I am so excited to be publishing our very first Spanish unit: US Government Spanish version! To be clear, this is not a unit about Spanish, instead it is a unit that is written entirely in Spanish for bilingual families or Spanish-speaking homes. This listing is for the Teacher’s Guide only in print, hard copy format. It does not include any student notebooks, those have to be purchased separately in the various levels that you need. Just in time for US elections! This unit covers US government, both the history of as well as elections and governmental systems from a Biblical perspective. It is politically neutral and should open up rich discussions and hopefully a better understanding of some of the amazing history behind the United States.

We have paid for a translator on this unit as well as a Spanish proofreader so we are hoping we caught everything, however our designers do not speak Spanish so please let us know if there are any edits you find by clicking on “submit an edit” in the footer of our site or on our app!

IF this project goes well we will be doing other units in Spanish as well as possibly other languages. Tag… you’re it!

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