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The app is here! 

We started out with fund raising but the process was slow going. We got half way funded and decided to step out in faith and move forward without all the funds raised. If you feel so moved, we appreciate any contribution that helps cover our year 1 start up costs. 

What the app includes:

• Individual communities, one for each unit that is created (so that you can share resources and be part of a collective group all working on the same thing)
• Notifications right on your phone so you don't miss important news, sales, lives, or updates.
• A live section where you can view live videos and we can have our Gather 'Round moms go live as well within the app! 
• Friend/private chat/group chat capability within the app (connect with people in your region or people that you feel connected to)
• Event calendar
• Available for iOS and Android
• The option to create exclusive free downloads, purchases, content and know that you are getting a notification every singe time. 

Why we are gathering support: 

• The app costs about $14,000 up front so we are looking for support to ease the burden.

What's in it for you? 

• I will be offering a free download of our Human Body add-on: God Doesn't Make Mistakes (Title subject to change). Not sure the value of this, it will be at least the value of what you are paying if not more. This will be a book compiled of stories of Gather 'Round kids with all sorts of conditions, pictures, quick facts, etc. to help teach our children that "normal" can look very different and to instill empathy and understanding even at a young age. Stay tuned on the completion date of this book. It's a process of gathering stories and images from willing families. This project will be seen to completion but we've relaxed the timeline so we can ensure that we have lot's of amazing kids to share with you. It is going to be VERY special!

How can you help? 

You can purchase as many $12 increments as you want.  Select your quantity and checkout! Thank you for your support!