Letters Around The World Kit (HARD COPY)
Letters Around The World Kit (HARD COPY)
Letters Around The World Kit (HARD COPY)
Letters Around The World Kit (HARD COPY)

Letters Around The World Kit (HARD COPY)

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Our Letters Around the World Kit includes a letter from a boy or girl from that country (written by Rebecca) that tells about where they live, what Christmas is like there, and asks some questions in return. The PERFECT way to introduce the lesson, we went all out on this! Packaged in a cute little card box with rustic kraft envelopes and stickers to seal each one, the letters are printed on beautiful linen natural paper with fun little sketches. They are addressed Dear _________, leaving room for you to write the name of your child or your family name. You CAN get one for multiple children (a pack for each) but keep in mind, the content is the same in each kit. Finished off with a festive piece of elastic to hold it all together, you are ready to go. You can address it and hide it somewhere new each day, stick it in your Christmas tree, or even pop it in the mail and have it arrive! They are specifically written in pen pal style, asking questions of the recipient. This leaves room for your kids to write back if they want, which they can do to our warehouse! These are available as hard copy only, and there is a limited quantity available, so snag your kit early if you want one!


Want a sneak peek of our Christmas Around The World unit?

**Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate and other bonus downloads on our resource page HERE

Curious about our other add-ons for this unit?

1. Recipes Around the World: Our recipe book includes two recipes for every country! One is a delicious baking recipe and the other is a traditional food. You can bake your way around the world or make a weekly feast to wrap up your school and celebrate! We also put in one breakfast food per week so that you have the option of making a Christmas Eve feast and Christmas morning breakfast! Finally, we put a lot of time and attention into these recipes, testing each one, taking real pictures, writing detailed instructions, and including adaptations and notes for gluten free and dairy free options. This is available as HARD COPY or DIGITAL.

1. Ornaments Around the World: Our ornament kit includes a cut out cube for each country that has the country flag and four unique sketches around it to remind you what you learned. You can color or paint these, assemble, and hang them on your tree! Simply punch a hole through the top tab and weave a ribbon or piece of twine through it! These are available as DIGITAL only.


What's included with this purchase?

This listing is for the printed, hard copy, shipped-to-you Letter Around The World Kit add-on for the Christmas Around The World unit. 

Upon purchase, we will begin processing your order. Please note, due to the popularity of our Christmas unit, printing times may be longer than anticipated.

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