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Buy the Book 1 set or pre-order all 4! Here’s what’s coming.

Book 1: 9 weeks $39.95 digital and $59.95 for print 
Book 2: 9 weeks $39.95 digital and $59.95 for print 
Book 3: 9 weeks $39.95 digital and $59.95 for print 
Book 4: 9 weeks $39.95 digital and $59.95 for print 

Pre-Order all 4 book bundles (digital) for $159.80

Pre-Order all 4 book bundles (hard copy) for $239.80

Ready to Read is a full kindergarten-grade 1 program that includes all of your subjects blended with a full phonics program that is strategically skill based rather than age. With the unique design of this program, you can place your child exactly where they need the help in their journey to reading fluency, regardless of their age! 

With short, daily lessons in the Teacher’s Guide and daily worksheets in the student book, this 9 week bundle is 1 of 4 to come in our full year Ready to Read program! The rest of the series is anticipated to be launched from now until early 2021.

Our first book in the series is called Burrows and Holes and focuses on what lies beneath our feet: from caves and underground holes, to plants, insects, and animals that call this habitat their home… this unit is absolutely stunning! We have amazing custom illustrations all throughout this book that will pull you in keep your kids hungry for more! 

Check out the one lesson sample to get a small taste for what you’ll find inside: everything from math (remember this is about half way through the program so the math is more advanced than what we start with) to science, social studies to language arts.

How to place my kids: 

  • If you point to any letter of the alphabet in any order, can your child name the letter without hesitation? 
  • If you repeat the same exercise, can they say the primary sound of each letter (at least 80% of the time without hesitation)? 
  • If you point to any number from 1-10 can your child name it and do they know what that represents? 
  • Can your child count from 1-20? 

YES! If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then your child is ready for Burrows and Holes! 

NO: If you answered no to some of these, you’ll want to start somewhere in our letters and numbers series. 

This sounds too easy: IF your child is already reading three letter words, I would recommend waiting and starting with book 2 or 3 of Ready to Read, which will be more advanced reading and help transition from early reading to grade 1 level reading so they are ready for early reader in our full units. 

What about our pre-reader in the units? 

We’re still working on our redo, however, moving forward our pre-reader has now become more of an activity pack to go along with the lessons. If you were doing a full unit, you would simply add those two pages along to your student notebook and do it together to tie the lessons into the unit you are learning about as a family! Easy! 

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