The Schedule

We launched this curriculum in August of 2019 with a plan to release a new unit study at the end of each month. We will continue that into the 2020/2021 school year with all new units that will be released at the end of every month. Here’s a look at our unit lineups. 

2019/2020 Units

  1. North American Birds 
  2. Connecting continents (Asia)
  3. Space 
  4. Connecting Continents (Europe)
  5. Oceans
  6. Connecting Continents (Africa)
  7. Earth Science (we’ll do weather, layers of the earth, etc)
  8. Connecting Continents (North America)
  9. Human Body
  10. End of May: Connecting Continents (South America)

 Mini Units: Christmas (available again in the fall), Indigenous Peoples and US Government

2020/2021 Units

  1. August: Antarctica
  2. September: Australia and Oceania
  3. October: Artists
  4. November: Ancient Civilizations
  5. December: Inventors
  6. January: Transportation
  7. February: Botany
  8. March: Career and Trades
  9. April: Creepy Crawly Things
  10. May: Farming and Food

Mini Units: (3) US History, Canadian Government, Easter and The Underground Railroad will be released throughout the school year.

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