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North American Birds

The first 1 month unit of the 2019/2020 School year. This unit covers 20 different birds that are common to North America. It goes in depth into the geography of Canada or the United States with adaptable worksheets to work for either country. It covers some US social studies, Us/Canada government similarities (ie. democracy, etc), grammar concepts such as nouns/capitalization, copywork and spelling through scripture, science notebooking and bird watching pages, understanding classification, historical and Biblical connections, some reading and comprehension, phonics and math (for pre-readers), art/sketching/painting, and more! Full scope and sequence of each student notebook is coming! 

These units are incredibly unique as there are 6 student notebooks available from PreK all the way to Grade 12 to allow you to do one unit together as a family and assign each child their individual notebooks. This unit will cover all your subjects but math (and all your subjects including math for preschool/kindergarten).