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Below you will see a list of the various positions at Gather 'Round, what they look like, and how to apply.

Please note, for every single position here at Gather 'Round we are looking for people who are flexible, work well within a team, and are willing to grow and learn. The creation of each unit requires many different people and lots of collaboration. Different teams have different hiring processes. 

All interviews will ask if you have read and agree with Rebecca's statement of faith, you can find that HERE. We recommend reading that first so that you know before you invest the time. 

* Positions with a star beside them are current openings. We are not currently hiring for the un-starred positions but are accepting applications and reviewing them periodically.

Gather 'Round Positions

Project Manager 

We are looking for a project manager to manage our Asana projects. This is a work-from-home opportunity that will range from 10-30 hours a week depending on what projects we have going on. Applicant must have experience with project management tools, Asana is a bonus. They will be setting up workflows and automations so that our to-dos flow through the workflows from person to person without too much oversight. They will make reports of where projects are at and make sure that things stay on track and don't go over a time budget. They will do a comparative analysis of time spent on a project and find ways to improve efficiency and flow, reporting directly to Rebecca. The person for this role needs to be flexible—many times workflows need to be redone, timelines need to be adjusted, and things have to be reworked. They must be a team player and not come in as anyone's supervisor but rather their advocate and someone there to help make a project succeed for all teams. They must not take liberties that they have not been given but have the confidence to take charge when Rebecca is not available so that projects move forward and everyone is working on something when they can keep the momentum going. This position would start ASAP and pay is negotiable depending on experience. If you have confidence and yet the humility to step in and be a support person, are willing to do whatever is needed for the team, and have relative experience, this job just might be for you. Apply HERE and please include both a cover letter of why you feel you are suited for the job and your resume.

* Writers: 

We are always looking for writers both for helping write student notebooks, edit previous units, as well as write Teacher's Guides. We have an entire team of writers that work together to create a single unit.  I am looking for you to take concepts and make them come to life in a simple explanation with a very conversational writers voice (use any of our year 3 units for examples of what we are looking for).

You will be asked to write a sample of an upcoming unit. The more samples we receive, the more likely it is that we will be able to find a spot for you. Samples must be 2,300 words or more, and Teacher's Guide lessons should include suggestions for student pages. Renaissance and Unsolved Mysteries will give us a good feel for different topics of writing. Please include a proposed table of contents and the first lesson in your sample. Keep the writing engaging, and age-appropriate, with lots of similes and real-life examples, think living book style. We can't wait to hear from you! 

A degree is interesting but definitely not required. This is a part-time position anywhere from 4-6 hours a day (could be longer), and we do sometimes require Saturday work. Click HERE to apply for a Writer position.

* Designers: 

Our designers work collaboratively on projects. We are looking for people not just to lay things out on the page, but to create unique boxes and elements that are both minimalistic and beautiful. We provide the artwork, you find a way to design it that captures the feel. Get a feel for our units with units such as Christmas to see some of the creative elements. To apply for a design position, email us with your availability, experience, and some samples. We do require specific branded samples made for us to see if you can capture our style. 

This is a part-time position anywhere from 3-5 hours a day (could be longer), and we do sometimes require Saturday work. Click HERE to apply for a Designer position.

* Illustrators:

Most of our books contain custom illustrations that we have on-staff illustrators do for us. This position can vary and often has weekend work and tight deadlines.  It is not a full-time position, but hours will vary. It may include an influx of assignments and then taper off. Illustrators must do their work digitally, which requires the tools: an iPad, procreate app, and an Apple pencil. In most cases, we require experience with digital art. You can see examples of our art in all of our book previews on the site. 

This is a part-time position anywhere from 3-5 hours a day (could be longer), and we do sometimes require Saturday work. Click HERE to apply for an Illustrator position.

Customer Service:  

The main part of this job is often responding to emails, though it could also be social media messages or app questions, data entry, managing orders, and working with schools and libraries, etc.

This is a part-time position anywhere from 3-5 hours a day, and we do sometimes require Saturday work. Click HERE to apply for a Customer Service position.

* Proofreader/Editor:  

This position can vary depending on where you best fit. We have pre-proofers and post-proofers who might work in an Adobe PDF making notes and comments or in a Google doc making changes. We have fact-checkers and editors who look for flow and style and readability, etc. Where you are placed will most depend on your experience, skill level, and experience with Gather 'Round's style to know what we do and don't do. For this position, we are looking for people who have a degree and/or previous experience in this area as well as experience with CMOS. 

This is a part-time position anywhere from 4-6 hours a day, and we do sometimes require Saturday work. Click HERE to apply for a Proofreader/Editor position.

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