Minecraft – Gather 'Round Homeschool USA

The Minecraft server is CLOSED for the time being. Future updates will be provided in our newsletter.


Kids love Minecraft, who wouldn't? It's basically a collaborative Lego world where anything goes. I've always been a fan of Minecraft but not liked survival mode nor the online risks that come with it. So we came up with our own Gather 'Round server. This server is (for now) totally free for families who use Gather 'Round. It is moderated by Rebecca's sister, Hannah, and carefully managed to make sure that kids are being appropriate and kind. This is a great way for your kids to start to learn online etiquette and have fun in a safe way. There are worlds for each year and then each unit so that your child can join the unit they are currently doing and build things related to it—enriching their learning. It is available in Java version (computer) and Bedrock version (iPad, console, and many other devices) and open in two different time zones: 1-3 EST and 1-3 PST, giving you flexibility to work it in to your homeschool day.  Check out the rules below and fill out the form to get more info for how to get whitelisted!

Minecraft Server Rules!

1. No swearing or rude language allowed

2. Rude, mean or bullying behavior will not be tolerated

3. Be encouraging and positive towards other players

4. No griefing (tearing down what other people have built or building on something that isn't yours).

5. No sharing personal information (your full address, full name, date of birth, etc.)

6. Be appropriate (no flirting, talking inappropriately, or wearing inappropriate skins).

7. No sharing outside links

8. Keep it related to Gather 'Round: try to build things related to the unit you are working on in the world/area that is meant for that unit. When you move on, go and build something somewhere else. If you decide to abandon something you have built and are fine with someone else building on it, leave a sign saying "no longer occupied" so the next player knows it is available.

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