8/23/22 LIVE Let's talk! From updates and reminders to some behind the – Gather 'Round Homeschool USA

8/23/22 LIVE Let's talk! From updates and reminders to some behind the scenes intel, we have a lot to talk about!

by Rebecca Spooner on August 23, 2022

1:00 Welcome—Did you get our latest newsletter? Check your emails or you can see it HERE!

2:50 Gather ‘Round with Rebecca Spooner—NEW Podcast Alert!  Episode 1 is called Sustainable Rhythms… Tell us what you think!

Available on Apple Podcasts, StitcherSpotify our app, and on the blog at Homeschoolon.com (this is where you'll find the time code notes). 

8:00 Launch ESTIMATES—No time associated with units other than Year 3 being out in this year and Year 4 out within next year. Rebecca shares how close launch is for Middle Ages. Also, Thanksgiving is being bumped from year 4 to year 3.

13:25 Find out when our Christmas units will be available this year!

15:20 What units are coming up next?

17:10 Gather ‘Round Canadian Retreat! Get tickets HERE!

19:00 Free one week sample available for Psychology from Year 3 is available HERE! Find out a little bit about this special unit.

24:30 Co-ops/Groups updates and clarification. Check out all the info HERE!

27:35 Q & A—Rebecca discusses our US History mini units and how to incorporate them, plans for new merch, US property search, Renaissance (Year 4), and more!

36:30 Jonathan joins in and shares life updates and visiting the states again.

47:30 More information from Rebecca about the Edmonton Gather ‘Round Retreat.


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