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LIVE Chat 1/24/23: How to homeschool multiple ages with Gather 'Round + some updates!

LIVE Chat 1/24/23: How to homeschool multiple ages with Gather 'Round + some updates!

In today's live we'll be talking about color-coding, some of the challenges of doing it all, keeping everyone engaged, and making it through your day without a second application of antiperspirant! 00:25 Welcome 2:25 Specific prayer request for the Spooner tour 3:00 How is Gather ‘Round Homeschool designed to work with multiple ages? 8:00 Tips and Strategies for making Gather ‘Round work? 9:10 What is the color coding found in some of the Teacher’s Guides and how did it come about? 18:50 Notebooking 23:00 Reluctant writers 25:10 Teaching and Student Book work ideas 33:00 Units that were favorites with the...
by Rebecca Spooner on January 25, 2023

LIVE Chat 1/17/23: The philosophy of Gather 'Round and some of our more FAQ's!

Do you have a burning question about Gather 'Round? Come and learn more about our approach to reading, what the seatwork pages are, the differences between the years, and more! Let's talk philosophy! Plus, a few updates! 00:35 Hear about the latest podcast! You can listen to Gather 'Round with Rebecca Spooner Episode #9: Freedom at any of the links below: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Gather 'Round App, OR on the blog at (this is where you'll find the time code notes). 1:50 What will be in this LIVE (FAQs, updates, questions at the end)? 3:15 We are redoing our read thru the...
by Rebecca Spooner on January 19, 2023

LIVE Chat 1/4/23: A few updates and a talk about homeschooling under the government.

Join Rebecca and Jonathan for a live video about Homeschooling Under the Government. Plus a few updates! 1:00 Welcome/Happy New Year 3:20 Rebecca shows us a new product! 2023 Dated Calendar and One Year Undated Calendar 6:25 Gather ‘Round Homeschool In-Person Retreat! We are only 4 months away from this retreat and we’d love for you and your family to join us! Check it out and register HERE! 8:45 Homeschooling under the government- Join Jonathan and Rebecca as they talk about this important topic. Funding, qualifications to homeschool, requirements/restrictions, standards that don’t make sense, questionable content, high school, and college are...
by Rebecca Spooner on January 06, 2023

LIVE Chat 12/13/22: US History, PE, Growing Up with God, and more!

Come join Rebecca for a live chat about USH, PE, Growing Up with God, and more! Plus, you'll hear an update on the schedule. 1:25 Jonathan gives an update on preparations for the Gather ‘Round 2023 tour. 4:00 Rebecca gives an update on US History 6 and when it may be released.  9:40 More Than Words Level 3 Update 10:14 Rebecca gives all the details on Sports + PE including what the add-ons will be. 13:40 Update for Lifers 15:00 Gather ‘Round Minecraft Server 17:20 New podcast episode available. Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify our app, and on the blog at (this is where you'll find the time code notes). 19:53 New samples are...
by Rebecca Spooner on December 14, 2022

LIVE Chat 11/22/22: Join Rebecca for Q&As and an inside look at National Parks!

00:25 National Parks is LIVE! You can see it HERE! You can also check out the free sample HERE! 2:00 Thank you to everyone who is sharing about Gather ‘Round Homeschool! 2:35 Feedback is valuable here at Gather ‘Round Homeschool! Thank you to our customers for your emails, testimonies, and conversations in our free app and social media. 3:10 Want to know a little more about what Gather ‘Round Homeschool is? New here? Listen in here! 3:51 Rebecca does a flip-through of our new National Parks of North America unit! See what’s in some of the Teacher’s Guide and a Student Book...
by Rebecca Spooner on November 23, 2022

LIVE Chat 11/9/22: Worship, new releases, new merch, updates, and more!

Come let us return unto the Lord… we have lots to talk about but I felt the pull to start with worship. 00:20 Join Jonathan & Rebecca for a time of prayer and worship 12:00 Prayer 17:05 New releases! Rebecca shows the new writing tracks and My Side of the Mountain Mini Unit Novel Study. 21:55 New Chemistry Periodic Table Puzzle available HERE! 22:30 There is new merch available on the websites (Rebecca shares about sizing and even has on a lot of the merch in this video) 24:15 Rebecca and Jonathan reflect on the Edmonton retreat and what to...
by Rebecca Spooner on November 10, 2022
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