LIVE Chat 12/13/22: US History, PE, Growing Up with God, and more!

Come join Rebecca for a live chat about USH, PE, Growing Up with God, and more! Plus, you'll hear an update on the schedule.

1:25 Jonathan gives an update on preparations for the Gather ‘Round 2023 tour.

4:00 Rebecca gives an update on US History 6 and when it may be released. 

9:40 More Than Words Level 3 Update

10:14 Rebecca gives all the details on Sports + PE including what the add-ons will be.

13:40 Update for Lifers

15:00 Gather ‘Round Minecraft Server

17:20 New podcast episode available. Available on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotify our app, and on the blog at (this is where you'll find the time code notes).

19:53 New samples are available HERE.

20:15 Gather ‘Round US Retreat 2023. Check out all the info and register HERE.

26:55 Rebecca talks about an upcoming unit, Growing Up with God.

32:50 Thoughts on deadlines and trusting in what God says (work, family, and balancing it all)