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Live 6.2.22 Online Convention and Sale Q&A, Plus More!!!

by Rebecca Spooner on June 08, 2022

1:00 Prayer
3:00 Giveaway details! 1st Prize -Full Year in digital!  2nd Prize -One Unit in print!  3rd Prize - One Unit in digital!   Participating in the video counts. Join the online convention!
4:15 Online Convention and Back to School Sale June 13th-17th! The theme is SUFFICIENT. It’ll be a time for encouragement, worship, and more! Hit “going” on the event (you can find the event in our community group HERE)!
6:00 Sale questions—Best values (Year in prints), what is lifer, and digital years, holiday units available during the sale, a la carte (10% off), Ready to Read and Letters and Numbers EVERYTHING bundle.
10:55 Side note: Spooner family is in Kentucky! Hear about their adventures… and waiting on God to reveal His plans on setting up a warehouse in the US. Pray with the Spooners for the right property to be revealed.
17:55 Rebecca answers questions and more!
22:35 Jonathan joins in and chats about caves in KY!
23:45 Color coding in the teacher’s guide (This started in Psychology, year 3)… Rebecca explains! And will we go back and color code the previous years?
25:15 Growing Up with God—not being written yet. But, Rebecca explains her process. Stay tuned…
31:50 Mp3s! Where are they? What are they?
34:35 What year should I start with if my child needs more help with writing paragraphs, etc.? Rebecca tells you some different views and an add-on that can be used with any unit from any year! (At 45:20, creative writing in a unit is mentioned)
39:50 Spooner travels and adventures continued…
42:55 Teenage homeschooler that’s creative… what unit is good for them? Listen here to find out!
45:45 Sale purchases and coupons
46:30 Wrap-up

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