LIVE 8/16/22 Join me for a chat about using Gather 'Round for groups, – Gather 'Round Homeschool USA

LIVE 8/16/22 Join me for a chat about using Gather 'Round for groups, our new Facebook groups for buy/sell/trade, news on the new podcast, news on the retreats, and more!

by Rebecca Spooner on August 17, 2022

2:45 Several newsletters have come out. Make sure you are getting those for all the latest news!
3:30 Gather ‘Round Retreat Canada in October—Register HERE!
7:00 USA in-person retreat coming April 2023! Stay tuned for more details.
8:30 Gather ‘Round Groups/Schools/Hybrid—so many new updates. Be sure to check out our website HERE for the latest.
24:10 Buy/Sell/Trade groups— US Group     Canada Group
25:35 When will new merchandise be out? Working on t-shirts for retreats and lifer packages currently. Getting certain products across the border to the states is tricky except for clothing. So stay tuned!
27:25 Middle Ages Update—hear some of the details of this AMAZING unit! We are still doing a lapbook for this unit but it may be released a few weeks after the main unit comes out.
34:35 Christmas units are set to release sometime around October 1st.
34:55 NO specific dates of release for year 3 and 4. Year 3 will be completed by the end of 2022 and Year 4 will be completed by the end of 2023.
37:55 Rebecca gives a sneak peek of the cover of our Middle Ages unit!
42:00 Rebecca answers the question of “What qualifies her?”
47:30 We are working on more samples from various units in Year 3!
47:55 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and find some great videos like this one
48:30 Gather ‘Round with Rebecca Spooner Podcast coming soon! Rebecca shares some of her thoughts for different episodes she hopes to record.
59:30 Jonathan joins Rebecca for some Q&A and life update


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