On the move... but updating on all the things

0-7:00 Minecraft update (down, but may be an update issue with Bedrock), needs volunteer moderators

7:00 Christmas update, 1st Christmas will be released next week,  new Christmas will be available mid October (hopefully)

8:30  Dinosaurs, almost done being written. Will include MP3s (they may be late) goal is to launch end of next week. 

13:15 Live Chat- no longer available. 

14:45 Edits will be made via a form on the website again

15:30 Applications/position update

18:00 We are a Christian company, not hiding that. But, the FB group, and the curriculum is open to anyone who wants to use our program. 

19:00 Update on moving, US update, conventions, and more

25:00 Talking about MP3s, ministry, and putting first things first.

30:00 Math is NOT on the schedule for this year. Signed up herself for CTC Math for this school year. 

34:00 Christmas (old Christmas) will be available next week, new Christmas will be available mid October (hopefully).

36:00 Update on Jonathon and RCMP.