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Q and A with Rebecca

by Rebecca Spooner on June 02, 2021

0-4:30     Introduces us to her Selah and her cat, talks about farming and food, the MP3 and her sons goat.

4:30 Answers questions on things like what they do for fun, how to find our FB group, what states they are considering settling in, and conventions for 2022

9:30- Do we still have a unit on Native Americans?   Explains IP, what is included in it and more.  Talks about our upcoming homesteading unit (living off the land). May be a possible novel study.  Possible talk of a Canadian province study, individual state study, not sure how it would work, is in consideration. 

14:00- How do you homeschool? Rebecca explains how homeschooling looks like at her house. What she does, and doesn’t do, and what life really looks like at the Spooner homestead. What does she use for math? Answers that questions as well.

16:50- Upcoming Christmas unit, when it will be available, talks a little about that. How old are Rebecca’s kids? She gives a breakdown (they are 7-13). What happened to the cork bottom tote?  It is sold out, talks about merch and when it will be back in stock. 

20:00- Interest in veterinary science, which units would work best?  What is the jump like between upper elementary and middle school?  Breaks down the levels and where you should place your child. 

28:30- Talks about print vs. digital, what can be resold, what cannot. Talks purchasing and selling pirated material. 

38:15- Year 1 vs. Year 2 what is the difference? Talks Language Arts, seatworks pages, spelling, and other changes.  Why purchase print? Why is shipping so high? Why do we not outsource? 

50:00- Thank you! We appreciate your customers, your encouragement and each and every one of you.

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