Worship and Live Chat – Gather 'Round Homeschool USA

Worship and Live Chat

by Rebecca Spooner on September 28, 2021

0-9:11 Welcome and worship

9:30: Dinosaurs is done, updates and other information on apologetics, what the unit looks like, etc. Christmas Around the World update, will be a general country study. Cultures, holidays, etc.  Shares update on stateside possibilities, warehouse, and more. 

21:00: Update on Christmas, if you order the special be SURE to list all six student notebooks in the notes of your order. Otherwise it will be delayed.

23:00: Minecraft update. We need volunteers! 

29:30: Answering the question: Is Gather 'Round accredited? 

  • There is no curriculum that can be accredited.
  • The only way to be accredited is to be aligned with a school. Someone needs to be checking off the work and making sure it is done. This is distance learning.  There are a few homeschool companies that offer this teacher oversight. 
  • We cannot tell you what meets the criteria for your state or province. However, we do offer scope and sequences. You can use the units that fit your states learning outcomes. 

34:00: Books are getting too big. Making some changes. Talks about book lists, resources, scopes and sequences and more. 

38:30: We have completed a few bible studys. More than Words is available from the website or Masterbooks. We would love to make more. But.. time. 

41:00: Battles within the company. More details coming. Stay focused on what is at hand. 

Newsletter will be going out on Sundays. Be sure to add support@gatherroundhomeschool.com to your email account so it does not go to spam. Lifer information is coming next week. 


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