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Year 4 Announcement!

by Rebecca Spooner on April 09, 2022
Come hear about our year 4 proposed lineup! If you want to know a bit of what will be included in each or the vision for it, you're going to want to listen to the video. We finally got access to Facebook again, I can't help but feel like God was protecting me from posting my raw here. The people who saw it were meant to see it and those who didn't, you can know that there is an intense pressing in our lives right now, all around. Things have not been easy and I am a bit more fragile than I would have hoped. But I'm learning that fragility leads to proximity. I hate it. But if it leads me to a place of nearness and brokenness, then it is worth every tear, every disappointment, every failure, and every attack. For anyone else who is feeling fragile right now, don't lose heart my friends. I see you. You are not alone. God is nearer than you think—even if it doesn't feel like it. Hold on . . . help is on the way. ❤

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