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Farming + Food One Day Sample

    Farming + Food One Day Sample

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    Try a free one day sample of our Farming + Food unit! 

    In this unit, students will be learning about the journey of their food: from commercial farms to processing plants and how it arrives on the grocery store shelves we buy it from. Each lesson has a hot-button topic to address some of the deep controversy and different ideas and opinions about food, and we leave lots of open-ended discussion for you to decide as a family what you think.

    Your unit project for this unit includes learning how to create a shopping list, recognizing the different prices of food and what can affect that price, observing the difference between organic vs. non-organic food, imported vs. local food, fair trade, and more. Students will create a food log, track where the food in their pantry comes from, and finish off the unit by writing, "The Story of my Food." With hands-on experiments, a blog post full of resources and videos, engaging lessons, and rich discussions, everyone is sure to enjoy their studies!

    What's included with this sample?

    This listing is for a ONE DAY SAMPLE in digital (PDF) format. It comes with the downloadable files (you print) of: 

    -Lesson 1 Europe unit Teacher's Guide and Student Books in all levels Pre-reader to High School 

    -Lesson 1 Europe Cursive Writing Notebook



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