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Music One Day Sample

    Music One Day Sample

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    Try a free one day sample of our Music unit! 

    Discover the journey of music through time with our Music unit! Explore the origins of music and its evolution over the years, learning about famous composers and artists along the way. Dive into the fascinating world of musical instruments, understanding how they create melodies that resonate with our senses. In this beginner's lesson, uncover the incredible power of music, its impact on our bodies, especially our brains. Get familiar with different types of instruments and musical elements that form the essence of a song, laying the groundwork for future music appreciation activities. 

    As part of this unit, unleash your creativity by crafting your own song or hymn and setting it to music. Learn about the magic of rhyming and its significance in both music and poetry. By the end of this journey, gain a newfound appreciation for the music that surrounds us every day – from the chirping birds in the morning to the tunes on the radio, from catchy commercial jingles to the mesmerizing soundtracks that elevate cinematic experiences. Music is God's gift to humanity, so go out there and enjoy it!

    What's included in this sample?

    This listing is for a ONE DAY SAMPLE in digital (PDF) format. It comes with the downloadable files (you print) of: 

    -Lesson 1 Music Teacher's Guide and Student Books in all levels Pre-reader to High School 

    -Lesson 1 Music Cursive and Manuscript Seatwork Journals

    -Lesson 1 Music Theory Levels 1 + 2

    -Lesson 1 Chording 101



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