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Ready to Read Book 3 Sample

    Ready to Read Book 3 Sample

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    Try out our entire "Ready to Read" book series! This is a great way to find out where your children place within our Kindergarten program. Ready to Read is a full kindergarten-grade 1 program that includes all of your subjects blended with a full phonics program that is strategically skill based rather than age. With the unique design of this program, you can place your child exactly where they need the help in their journey to reading fluency, regardless of their age!

    This sample includes pages for our Ready to Read series book 3: Ice and Snow. It focuses on animals that you might find in a frozen tundra. Math begins to teach the concepts of place value, money, time, etc. This is designed to be a big picture conceptual introduction, book 3 and 4 will continue to develop these skills and understanding.

    Students will focus on four-six letter words and phonics rules such as: silent e, y word endings that make the I and E long sound, -ay says A long sound, etc. Book 3 also focuses on more than and less than, money, time, days of the week, place value, sequencing, and more! This would be appropriate for advanced Kindergarten or Grade 1, depending on the child's development and the goals of the family. 


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