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Underground to Canada Novel by Barbara Smucker

    Underground to Canada Novel by Barbara Smucker

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    This book is a required reading resource to go along with our first novel study, Underground to Canada. Please note there is some controversy over this book, which you can research on your own to see what you think. Rebecca strongly believes that to not teach our kids the history of racial slurs and the atrocities of slavery and racism is the very definition of "whitewashing". She believes that our kids will never understand the impact of their words if they don't understand the historical context and the pain they are rooted in. Because of this, racial slurs, racism, and the history of slavery are core themes of this unit that are approached again and again with tact and gentleness and discussion and an amazing narrative that will help give it all meaning. The story is so well written, your kids will be moved by the incredibly courage of Julilly and likely shocked by our not-too-distant past. As a family you will have amazing, and hard, discussions, to build a strong foundation of equality and justice. No child is too young for this book study, there is something for every single member of your family in this, and it is one that I greatly hope you never regret doing!

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