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Intro to Psychology One Day Sample

    Intro to Psychology One Day Sample

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    Try a free one day sample of our Psychology unit! 

    Intro to Psychology is so much more than how the brain works. It is a philosophy unit, a history unit, a science unit, an art unit, and a Bible unit. Daily devotionals, daily journaling prompts, a color coded Teacher's Guide for varying attention spans (for the first time ever), daily Language Arts creative writing assignments, and lots and lots of hands on fun! This is it. If you are new to Gather 'Round or can only do one, let this be the one. Let's give our kids strategies and tools for how to take ownership of why and how they act the way they do and begin to be intentional in our homes and relationships. 

    What's included in this sample?

    This listing is for a ONE DAY SAMPLE in digital (PDF) format. It comes with the downloadable files (you print) of: 

    -Lesson 1 Intro to Psychology Teacher's Guide and Student Books in all levels Pre-reader to High School 

    -Lesson 1 Intro to Psychology Optional add-on Seatwork Journal samples for all student levels (Manuscript & Cursive so you can see which one works best for you)

    -Lesson 1 Intro to Psychology Teacher's Guide MP3 (see how the MP3s work!)



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