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Pets One Day Sample

    Pets One Day Sample

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    Try out our Pets mini unit with this ONE DAY SAMPLE! 

    Throughout this unit, you will learn all about different types of pets, such as dogs, cats, snakes, birds, horses, and more! You'll learn how to feed, train, and take care of each pet and see real-life pictures of several breeds of each animal. Color-coding for this unit is mostly yellow and appropriate for all ages; however, there are a few teal and purple sections that dive deeper into more specific care or hot-button topics.

    Notebooking pages include plenty of space for notes, pet ratings, interesting facts, and daily drawings with step-by-step instructions. The second Student Book page for each day focuses on the work of veterinarians! Learn who they are, how they train, where they work, what animals they work with, and even what a day in the life looks like for vets of all specialties. This unit is full of the most fun, exciting, and interesting pets we could find, and it is sure to pique the interest of animal lovers everywhere! Fair warning, though: it just might convince you to add a new furry or scaly member to the family!

    What's included in this sample?

    This listing is for a ONE DAY SAMPLE in digital (PDF) format. It comes with the downloadable files (you print) of: 

    -Lesson 2 Pets Teacher's Guide and Student Books in all levels Pre-reader to High School 

    -Lesson 2 Pets Trading Cards (optional add-on)

    -Lesson 2 Sketch Book (optional add-on) 



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