Oceans Cursive Writing Book (HARD COPY)


The Oceans cursive writing book is a 45 page full size print notebook that has the Bible verses (in ESV) from the Upper Elementary Oceans Unit, as well as the spelling words from that level for extra practice. At the end it has the days of the week, some affirmations (I am loved, I have a calling, etc) and the traceable alphabet for extra practice. Other than the cover, the inside is all in black and white to save on printing costs, as well as have some fun coloring activities throughout. There are also additional spelling words that follow similar patterns or rules to reinforce the lessons in the Europe unit. 

This order comes in print format, with 28lb. paper, in full color cover, and printed single sided, coil bound on the top (so the binding doesn't get in the way). 

Plus, get it FREE when you purchase all 6 student notebooks and the teachers guide in print as a special offer for this month! (we'll include it with your order, nothing you need to do)