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Gather Group/Co-op Family License

    Gather Group/Co-op Family License

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      Are you interested in using Gather 'Round Homeschool in your co-op or with another family? We've made it easier than ever with our family license. This license is applicable for one year from date of purchase and allows you and your other co-op families to use your materials in a group settings.

      What classifies as a Gather Group? You classify as a Gather Group/co-op if: 

      1. You are using Gather 'Round curriculum together with any other person outside of your immediate family (grandparents classify as immediate family, but sisters and brothers do not. Two sisters getting together to use Gather 'Round would need to snag a license for their families.)

      2. Parents are the ones doing the teaching.

      3. No one is paid to teach. Money exchanged is for the sole purpose of paying rent and insurance.

      What if that doesn't fit my use? If you have paid teachers. or your tuition covers materials you will need to look at our hybrid license HERE instead. 

      What do I need to buy?

      • The group organizer must purchase one license per family 
      • Each family needs to purchase or own the materials that will be used during group time

      Please Note:

      The group organizer is responsible for ensuring that families have their own materials they have purchased and that they have the required number of licenses up to date throughout the year. They are also responsible for making sure that in their group setting, no one is photocopying or sharing materials digitally or in any other way. Please note there are no refunds on licenses if families drop out. Licenses can, however, be transferred from one family to the next—so you only need to purchase the right number of family licenses, adding to your number only if your number increases. 

      What does a license get me? A license allows you to expand the license agreement of teaching to your own family and instead teach to an entire group setting. It also allows you a group coupon code for 10% off the materials that can be used for an additional discount for anyone who still needs to purchase materials for a unit. This code can be given out to the families in the group so that the organizer doesn't have to manage any of the details. 


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