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North American Birds One Day Sample

    North American Birds One Day Sample

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    The very first unit that we ever produced…North American Birds! This full unit has a light-hearted, laid-back style to it and is one of our best-sellers! North American Birds takes you on a fascinating journey to discover more about some of our favorite feathered friends. From the familiar birds that hop in your yard to the majestic hunters that soar through the sky, your family will learn so much more about these amazing creatures and how they are designed. The student books will give kids plenty of opportunities to document what they are learning in their lessons through art and writing, and they even include a bird watching log in the appendix where students can keep a record of birds that they see each day. It’s the perfect way for your children to connect what they’re learning to real life! For the writing project in this unit, younger students will write a non-fiction paragraph while high schoolers will be writing an essay. With its focus on the beautiful birds we find all around us, this unit is full of delight and discovery for all ages!



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